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Ways Not Putting Yourself &
Health First Could Cost You

  • Diminished health
  • Chronic illness, along with medications and costs of healthcare
  • Low energy to make it through the day or spend time with kids or spouse
  • Have an expanding mid section or love handles
  • Clothes that no longer fit because you have gained weight
  • Increased chance of depression and anxiety

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

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The Solution Is At Your Finger Tips

To help you take control of your health and wellness I have developed a five-step key system.
This system educates you on your mind-muscle connection and nutrition while helping you get healthier, happier, and more confident. You will learn to maintain a strong healthy mind and body without boring workouts, or fad diets.
The Solution Is At Your Finger Tips

You Need The Right Coach

Over the past few years, I have entered four body-building competitions and nationally-qualified in all three amateur NPC shows. I won first place in two, second in one, and then competed at a national show.

I have accomplished the title of an Elite Trainer, which includes certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, and one as nutritionist.

I continue to expand my knowledge through self-study as well as continuing education credits to stay up to date on the latest research.

I have also coached dozens of women and men who have transformed their bodies, regained their confidence, and improved their health.

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Taking The Mystery Out Of Health & Weight Loss

M2K Fitness is an all in one fitness and wellness company that provides mind and muscle connection training, education, and supplements to help people maximize health and maintain overall fitness while living a busy lifestyle pursuing their life’s purpose. If you feel desperate to get back into your favorite clothes that you can no longer fit, tired of your stomach making your shirts feel tight, and no longer have the energy you used to have when you were younger, look no further. Our goal and mission is to get your mind, body, and confidence back, maximize your overall wellness, enhance performance at work, have fun running around with your kids, and ultimately serve faithfully in your purpose at full strength. 

The F-5 System

Our unique five step approach to help you regain and maintain control of your health and wellness.






Choose Your Path

Pick a program that includes both below or choose one that best fits your schedule and goals. 

M2K Fitness

Onboard 101 Course

Highly recommended for every client:
12-Week Self-guided Module Curriculum

Learn how to manage your weight and overall health forever

Increase your energy levels

Reduce stress and anxiety

Drift off into deeper, longer sleep

Gain that overall feeling of "well-being"

M2K Fitness

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Assessment

Learn how to eat according to your personal needs

Lose belly fat and weight

Increase energy and improve overall health

12-Week Onboard 101 Course Included with Coaching

M2K Fitness

Personal Training

Fitness Assessment

Tone muscle and improve strength

Increase confidence and overall energy

Lose weight and receive high accountability

Want results like this?


Lost 19lbs in 10 weeks from custom nutrition coaching


Lost 30.7lbs in 8 weeks from nutrition coaching and self-paced workouts


Lost 23lbs in 7 weeks from custom nutrition coaching

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