Who We Are

FANCY Wellness®, LLC stands for (Financially And Nutritionally Consulting Your Wellness). We are a service company helping men and women get their financial, nutritional, and physical wellness on the right track one step at a time. We have recently re-branded and are doing business as M2K Fitness (Mind-Muscle Konnection Fitness). Flex With Fancy is now under M2K Fitness as the name of our local group fitness camp classes.

Our Mission

We help working professionals with busy lifestyles and kids heal their bodies through mind-muscle connections in our wellness and nutrition training to feel, look, and be healthy in pursuing their life’s purpose.

Our Vision

  1. We believe that by giving men and women mind-muscle connection nutrition and training advice we empower them to take control of their health. 
  2. We create and share the most time effective and fun workouts that make our clients want to workout leading to a body transformation. 
  3. We are dedicated to changing lives through mind-muscle connection wellness and nutrition training.

Critical Actions

  1. We have an upbeat positive attitude because we love changing lives through the work we do.
  2. We are constantly learning about health and wellness so we can provide the latest transformational training and information to our clients.
  3. We reach out to our clients daily with a motivational quote so they stay inspired and know we care.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Julie

    Do you provide personal training?

    1. FancyW

      Hi Julie,

      Yes, I do provide personal training. I sent you an email response :).

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